Avoid unnecessary video calls in this Covid-19 period – Telcos’ advice on data usage

Many organisations have resorted to the use of the internet to deliver services as parts of the country have been put under a 14-day lockdown which entered into its fourth day, Thursday, April 2. Others are holding virtual meetings with the help of the internet.

But the service providers say people must begin to adjust the way they consume data, especially for entertainment purposes, in order to allow optimal use by those who depend on the infrastructure deliver essential services during this difficult time.

Among the industry’s ‘Ten Commandments’, is the recommendation for data users to “Avoid unnecessary video calls, not only during rush hours but also at all times. Use audio facilities during virtual meetings.”

“In this crisis period, we need to optimise the use of every resource from water, electricity, fuel to data & voice. As we were thought in school resources are not they become,” advised, Derek Laryea, Head of Research and Communications at the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Thursday.

“Also, these resources are all finite and we need to conserve them,” Mr. Laryea added.



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