This is to inform all persons in HO MUNICIPALITY that, the National Identification Authority will embark on almost TWO WEEKS REGISTRATION EXERCISE starting, 3rd August 2020 to 14th August 2020. This is to enable those who could not register during the Mass Registration Exercise the opportunity to do so.

There will be a total of 37 registration centers across the municipality, which will capture applicants into two Steps namely; STEP 1 & STEP 2 with each step having a minimum of 6 days and a maximum of 12 days.


1. District Education Office (12 days)

2. E.P Primary Sch. Ho Bankoe (12 days)

3. R.C Bankoe Old Chapel (12 days)

4. Akrofu Xeviewofe ( 12 days)

5. Taviefe Avenya E.P Chapel (6 days)

6. Klefe Dome L.A. JHS ( 12 days)

7. SSNIT Office (12 days)

8. Matse (12 days)

9. OLA Sec. Sch, Ho Bankoe (12 days)

10. RTC, Ho Bankoe (12 days)

11. L. A. Prim Sch, Housing (12 days)

12. Tanyigbe ( 12 days)

13. Klave (6 days)

14. Nureya JHS, Ho Zongo (12 days)

15. R. C. Boys JHS Police Depot (12 days)

16. District Assembly Office, Ho Heve (12 days)

17. Freetown Prim Sch, Leprosarium (12 days)

18. NHIS Office, Ho Dome (12 days)

19. R. C. Prim. Sch. Agbasiafe, Ho Dome (12 days)

20. Lume Atsyame (12 days)

21. Volta Barracks Prim. Sch, Ho Dome (12 days

22. GIFEC (12 days)

23. Regional House of Chiefs (12 days)

24. Ziavi Dzogbe E. P. Prim. Sch (12 days)

25. Ho Kpodzi Main Church (12 days)

26. Ho Polytechnic, Ho Heve ( 12 days)

27. Global Evangelical Church, Ebenezer Chapel, Ho Mawuli Estate (12 days)

28. E. P. Prim Sch. Sokode Etoe (6 days)

29. R. C. Prim Sch Sokode Gbogame (12 days)

30. Women’s Train Inst, Sokode Lokoe(12 days)

31. L. A. Prim Sch Akoefe Avenui (12 days)

32. E. P. Prim Sch Kpenoe (6 days)

33. Village Hall TAKLA Gbogame (6 days)

34. Taviefe Deme (12 days)

35. R. C. Prim Sch Hodzo Aviefe (6 days)

36. Klefe Achatime E. P. JHS ( 12 days)

37. Nyive (6 days)


1. Tokokoe Abudi (6 days)

2. Taviefe Aviefe (6 days)

3. Shia (6 days)

4. Sokode Bagble (6 days)

5. Akrofu Agorve. (6 days)

6. Hoe (6 days)

7. Hodzoga (6 days)

Individuals are permitted to register at any of these centers.

NOTE: Go to the registration center with either your

1.Birth Certificate


2.Valid Passport


3. Digital Address

If you don’t have a birth certificate or passport, a family member or any two public servants approved by the board may vouch for you.

Please be assured that there will be strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols.

1. No Mask, No Entry

2. You will be asked to wash your hands with soap under running water.

3. Your temperature will be taken before getting access to the center.

NOTE: Persons who have;

I. Misplaced their cards,

ii. Identified mistakes on their cards

iii. Damaged their cards

MUST NOT register again during this Mop Up because it is an offense to do so.

These issues above will be dealt with, when the district offices are opened.

All persons who registered during the mass registration but did not get their cards should visit their respective registration centers for enquires and pick-ups

For further enquires call the following numbers:

0246447860 ( Pentecost Akoto, DRO)

0207275522 ( Shakespeare Numarce, DRS)

0548238618 (Godson Azumah, DRS)

0242082145 (Rita Mensah, DRS)


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