It is very common practice to see most nurses and midwives wear their uniform at the workplace. I mean the same uniform they wore from the house and that will be the same uniform they will wear back to the house.

The nursing profession and practice has evolved in so many ways including the uniforms we wear. In most cases with the basic principle of infection prevention. The nurses’ cap which was one of the symbolic icons of the profession has been ditched in most countries.

The scrub has become the uniform of choice at the working area in most developed countries and nursing practice. As a standard practice, nurses are required to change over from their uniform or street dress into scrubs. The scrub offers more comfort, easy to wash and very economical.

According to the National Policy and Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care Settings (Ministry of Health), “To ensure effective infection prevention and control and also protect the community:

  • Staff shall change their street clothes or uniform on arrival at the health facility.
  • Scrub suits shall be provided for all staff.
  • All staff shall wear scrub suits while at work in the health facility”

The above is what the Ministry of Health Policy on Infection Prevention stipulates on “Staff Dressing or Uniform”. So why are we not wearing the scrubs?

Mr. Arko Questioned


Written by: Jude Arko

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