Korle-Bu doctors threaten to withdraw services over lack of preparedness for COVID-19

Doctors at the Department of Accident and Emergency at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of preparedness of the department in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Memo signed by the Doctors to their Head of Department and sighted by Citi News, they decried the usage of a sideward as an isolation centre without the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“We write to express our general dissatisfaction with the preparedness or lack thereof of the department to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic. We also wish to express our displeasure with the events surrounding the hospital’s first confirmed case.”


“Firstly, the pandemic; an existential threat to us, you will agree has to be handled with decisiveness and transparency. It is based on this that, we are aghast at the actions or inactions taken before, during and after the case had been confirmed.”

The said ward, according to the doctors hosted the first patient who tested positive at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

They are threatening to withdraw their services if a proper isolation centre is not provided and a quick testing of all staff of the department for Coronavirus is not done.

“We will like to remind management of the department that, it has failed woefully in providing adequate protection for the staff and as such, we’re left with little choice than to resort to protecting ourselves in the face of clear and present danger.

“We will like to state; with no fear of equivocation that, if these measures are not put in place, we will be forced to stop attending to patients to the endangerment of the patients, ourselves, our loved ones, and Ghana as a whole,” portions of the memo said.

The doctors are making the following demands:

1. Provision of appropriate PPEs; including N-95 face masks

2. Provision of a proper isolation unit for suspected cases in lieu of the current
sideward we use at ‘yellow’

3. Expediting the testing of all staff of the department for SARS-Cov2

4. Creating clear channels of communication between management and the staff of the department ; in order to prevent the events surrounding the first confirmed case from happening again.

5. The immediate closure of the ER for fumigation.

The World Health Organisation has already stressed the importance of the Personal Protective Equipment amid shortages in some of the worst-hit countries by the virus.

Shai-Osudoku District hospital constructs COVID-19 isolation centre

The Shai-Osudoku District hospital within the Shai-Osudoku District in the Greater Accra Region has constructed a five-man capacity isolation centre to handle Coronavirus patients.

The facility was funded from the hospital’s internally generated fund.

It was spearheaded by Dr Ken Brightson, Director at the Hospital.

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