I don’t rank AIDS, malaria, poverty and poor standards of living as major of our problems here in Afrika, I can’t! I have taken my time to read a little about each of the 54 sovereign countries which are under AU and UN, I see that the 10 most dangerous problems we have are;

1. Inferiority complex:

~We believe that Afrika was meant to be poor, weak, cared for, and guided by foreigners. We are so hospitable to foreigners and think that a White man is a god or master of all we need. We are so dependent and rely on foreign aid for almost everything to be done by our governments. Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga I do not like to see how NGOs come to Afrika to help as if it’s a land of hopeless or needy, when we are actually the source of civilization, natural resources and humanity.

~We have a tendency of not believing in ourselves, anything invented by an Afrikan is seen as of poor quality and no use. We don’t read about history, we don’t know that no country started while developed but rather moved from scratch to wealth. We haven’t decided on what we need first, we want to be like Americans when we can’t fight to form a united country.

~Inferiority complex makes us yes men to whatever Whites tell us, we need to also influence the world which we are part of.

2. Poor attitude:

~This kills us softly. We are so lazy and can’t work as expected. Laziness is leading us into corruption and dependence since we want what to eat. Eventually we shot our own feet as we have lived in debt everyday.

~Integration of Afrika is something we curse and use all the excuses to sabotage its formation. We are hospitable to Americans and British imperialists but hostile to our own blood. Talking about unity of Afrika is like a taboo and not acceptable in our society. Not understanding that unity of Afrika is word’s greatest fear. And once we unite, we would be free forever.

3. Capitalism:

~Afrika has been led by Whites on a remote. We used to socially do our own developments, we communally utilized our resources, today every one cares about his or her self and not even a family. We are looking at individual success in terms of wealth while forgetting about the fellow Afrikan. I understand we can’t all be on the same page, but we should remember that together we stand.

~In capitalist economy, tax is high and output is minimal. Prices are higher than normal but profits are small, and a few are stinking rich in too big poor majority.

~Laws in capitalist economy are beneficial to a few people in power, while majority are left aside. We must think in the Afrikan context, we must have Afrikan standards of running our own continent, not like how America runs their country.

4. False religion:

~I would not worry about freedom of religion since almost all our beliefs were destroyed and only worship according to imported Holly books, but the extent at which the pastors have now become real thieves disturbs my understanding.

~They’ve used people’s problems as a platform of performance and mainly targeting their money and riches. I wonder why in Afrika we have too many churches with highest rates of crime and nasty people?

~This is because pastors have focused on false miracle performances and not building spiritual relationships amongst us. Today pastors have been victims of rape murder, extortion, illuminati and other dark powers, and all sorts of dirty activities. This is not how Afrikan society worshiped, at least we respected God.

5. Family structure destruction:

~Our Afrikan family and social structures have been destroyed. Our own beliefs, traditions, culture and heritage are totally destroyed. We are now lost in white man’s erosion of our culture.

~If today an elder is of no use to the village and national issues, do you expect a youth to build the future of a nation?

~We are now more interested in qualifications, wealth, and ranks not the age, social values and status of an individual. That’s why a mere Tom Isingoma Mwesiga nowadays I can speak or get recognition at my youth age just cos am on a certain rank or profession, but my so called illiterate father is not recognized on the family and village levels.

~Our back born was our family values, to clans and tribes, but today we don’t care about Obuntu (humanity) and care about being celebrities and so famous. We don’t know the use of a neighbor, relative or an elderly or any stranger or friend, but focus much on financial relationships.

~We can’t build a strong nation when we don’t know each other! We can’t know each other when we don’t regularly meet as a family, friends, society or nation!

6. Multi party system of governance:

~I term this as the worst problem second to imperialism. We have fought each other based on different shirts and ribbons we wear. We think it’s a way of democracy when actually we are being divided to be ruled forever.

~We used to have leaders who care about the present and future of our nations but we have got politicians who care about themselves and next elections.

~We have been led by thieves who look for what to grab, and a few who want to add value to their nations are being killed, imprisoned or being defamed.

~We can’t have more than 2 parties in a nation and expect to unite and decide in development. Whichever part that wins wants to cling onto power despite their failures, while the other parties will work tirelessly to preach against it. They term themselves as opposition whose major role is deception and defiance plus hateful speaking.

~In 1958 Ghana ?? got free from direct rule, but because of so called multiple parties, they put their leader Dr Kwame Nkrumah in exile in 1966, who had tirelessly fought for their independence, today they recognize him as the father of their nation. Sankara, Azikiwe, Sokou Toure, Samora, Lumumba, Selassie, Nasser and so many revolutionaries were internationally defamed by local and international media, some were killed by country people, but today are remembered as historical figures.

~Look at whoever is being negatively reported by the western propagandists, they’ve worked for their countries. So when we don’t become so wise to know our enemies, we shall live to fight each other.

7. Imperialism:

~Familiarity is when a fellow man wants to forcefully influence you on how to manage your own family. This is what America, Britain, France and other so called developed countries want to do to our own affairs.

~I would wish to tell every Afrikan that Afrikan challenges must be solved by the Afrikan people first. Am tired of seeing so called international bodies in Afrikan affairs.

~British leased Afrikan land in Mauritius ??
to the USA, up to now one of the archipelagos is prohibited to reach from the indigenous people.

~So you think that I would listen to such hypocrites when preaching the gospel of love, human rights, and democracy?

~Stupidly such imperialists have been interfering with our businesses since slavery and we must have to learn how to deal with them.

8. Treason:

~Millons of Afrikan people are traitors of their own land. Whoever is in politics and playing this dirty game to earn popularity and money, whoever is being used to disobey our values, laws and focus, whoever is working tirelessly to destroy governments, whoever is leading so called revolutionary wars while killing innocent people but facilitated by Whites, whoever is leading terrorist groups, whoever doesn’t practice patriotism and Pan Afrikanism, is a traitor of Afrika and amongst the greatest problems we face today and tomorrow.

~Others have led governments with evil activities and making their nationals to suffer, others have created names in dirty activities without caring about the side effects to national development. You are traitors.

9. Corruption:

~We are suffering from this chronic disease for good years since independence. In Afrika, corruption was unheard of but today, it’s a common practice. This should be treated like rape-murder of a child and should be penalized with death sentence.

10. Poor education system:

~Unless we read about our land, air, water, plants, animals, challenges, history, needs and dreams, we shall not have innovators and entrepreneurs. And that’s when we shall live poor, inferior and weak.

~Until we learn in our languages and in our own curriculum, we shall be quoting British and American standards.

~We can’t have a bright future when we don’t learn in the Afrikan context.

written by: {Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga +256703072203 whatsapp

Email:[email protected]}

Kweku Jasper
Kweku Jasper
I am a multi talented African son growing up in a cold but hot world, where nothing is what it seems to be. I am an optimist by faith, R.N by profession, Web developer by practice, Tech preacher by decision, promoter by love, blogger by inspiration, photographer by occupation, marketer by calling, satirist by tribe, entrepreneur by origin, events manager by love, non-bias and rich by choice, illustrious by divine arrangement and Ghanaian by law. I am a Data Scientist by curiosity, ML & AI fun, a Cybersecurity advocate, SEO consultant & a UI/UX Researcher. Simply put, I am all things to all men at all times.
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