Yawa no dey hit maker Kelvynboy do yawa as his trousers got torn at VGMA 21

There’s always a wardrobe malfunction at big events, and the VGMA 2020 is no exception! Kelvynboy sadly becomes the victim of this year’s VGMA YAWA.

The MEA hit maker suffered a wardrobe malfunction whiles performing on stage as his trouser got torn during his beautiful performance.

Though Kelvynboy was clever or perhaps smart enough to hide it on stage, the sharp lenses of bloggers who were present at the event managed to capture the incident as it happened on stage.

A photo sighted by plus233.com sees the musician trying so hard to cover the torn trouser with his left thigh, to prevent his ‘pen!s’ from popping out on stage.

See photo below:


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