Our Forefathers toiled,
yet we are still struggling at sixty three.
What wrong have we done to thee?

As we read from the books;
they shed their blood at forefront; for us coming from behind to be brought forth.

But we didn’t expect to be in the war front too soon.
Dodging bullets while fighting for our rights.

Is this the course of freedom and of right?
Are our hearts filled with true humility?
Making us to cherish and fearlessly be honest?

Have we resisted oppressors rule with all our will and might?
Or our leaders are rather oppressing us with their power and political tide!

Regardless of the shortcomings,
we will fight on
In health and in sickness,
During the better days and even the worse.
In strength and in weakness.

Death or life,
Full or half,
In pains or in joyous moments.
Our hearts will go on.

Our hearts will go on,
From the pains of the past,
Carrying the lessons along as to-do tasks,
To better our tomorrow.

Our hearts will go on.
For despite our mishaps,
Our lives do not stop with us.
It will reach the
generations after us.

Our hearts will go on,
for this country.
For us in another life,
Our strength will fight.

Our strength will fight till
there’s no blood to be shed anymore.

Let our incoming generations be aware, that we wear our strength on our sleeves.
It’s either we fold it up,
Or wear it down.

Our hearts will go on to fight.
For in unity alone lies strength.
Only honesty can lead us there.
Until then, fight on.

Our hearts will go on,
for the hope of a better tomorrow.
For the scars we’ve worn,
we still wear with pride..
God bless our homeland Ghana!!!


written by:

Koffi Sël Orm & Emmy Mäwu Menyo ✒

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