Poem: She Verses

This is certainly not the first,
neither would it be the last.
Poetic Koncept will write and deliver to the thoughts of our societies.
We hope you read, share with others and find the difference you need, to make a better Ghana. This collection is dedicated to all women.
Have a good read.

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Kweku Jasper
Kweku Jasper
I am a multi talented African son growing up in a cold but hot world, where nothing is what it seems to be. I am an optimist by faith, R.N by profession, Web developer by practice, Tech preacher by decision, promoter by love, blogger by inspiration, photographer by occupation, marketer by calling, satirist by tribe, entrepreneur by origin, events manager by love, non-bias and rich by choice, illustrious by divine arrangement and Ghanaian by law. I am a Data Scientist by curiosity, ML & AI fun, a Cybersecurity advocate, SEO consultant & a UI/UX Researcher. Simply put, I am all things to all men at all times.
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