Poem: Easter Conundrum

For our salvation, Christ was crucified and died for our sins so that whoever believes in his resurrection shall have an eternal life, therefore the celebration of Easter.
What are your thoughts about Easter as a person?
Do you believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the life everlasting?
Journey with us as we share with you our thoughts on Easter.

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Kweku Jasper
Kweku Jasper
I am a multi talented African son growing up in a cold but hot world, where nothing is what it seems to be. I am an optimist by faith, R.N by profession, Web developer by practice, Tech preacher by decision, promoter by love, blogger by inspiration, photographer by occupation, marketer by calling, satirist by tribe, entrepreneur by origin, events manager by love, non-bias and rich by choice, illustrious by divine arrangement and Ghanaian by law. I am a Data Scientist by curiosity, ML & AI fun, a Cybersecurity advocate, SEO consultant & a UI/UX Researcher. Simply put, I am all things to all men at all times.
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