Steps to do Ministry of Health (MOH) clearance in Ghana

What is MOH clearance?

Official authorization for something to proceed or take place, The financial clearance is a form of authorization given to a Nurse in Ghana who has successfully completed an accredited public college known as Training College.

Why do clearance?

Clearance is necessary for Diploma nurses who want to leave the country for further education or in search of greener pastures.
This is to certify that you are not owing to the government in any way.

Some Ghanaian trained Public nurses (Diploma) received allowances during their training and have to serve the government for a specific period of time called “bonding”

Also, Professionals (Diploma and Degree) who have taken study leave or support of any form from the government or their institutions have to obtain clearance from the ministry.

What do I do if I did not serve the government or my institution as agreed?

Clearance also known as “financial clearance” is given to both those who have fulfilled their obligations (served for the agreed duration) and to those who are yet to, thus bonded and those without bonding.

For those who have been bonded, the ministry will agree on the amount you may have to pay per annum for the number of years he/she is supposed to work, Unlike the bonded nurses, those who have not been bonded will not be required to make any payment (This depends on the decision by the Ministry of Health or your agency).

Enough of the grammar, let’s go straight forward to the steps to acquire clearance from the Ministry of Health, Ghana.

Requirements for MOH clearance

1. clearance form
2. Introductory letter duly signed for working staff or Completion letter from your Rotation facility for Nurses Awaiting Posting.
3. Passport Picture in uniform with white background

Guidelines to apply for MOH clearance

Step 1: Pay an amount of 100gh at the accounts department of the ministry and obtain an official receipt. Initially, the cost of the clearance form was 20gh but has been increased by the ministry. Proceed to the Human resource department (HRD) to collect your Form.

Step 2: Fill out the form and submit it to the head of your previous school or college for further endorsement or Submit it to your HR or Head of the facility for endorsement with a duly signed introductory letter.

Step 3: Fill in your work experience

Step 4:  Submit the form to the head of the last school attended for endorsement and make sure it is stamped.

Step 5: Make sure to cross-check to see if all required fields have been filled and endorsed by the appropriate authorities.

Step 6: Submit the Clearance form to the Ministry of Health Human Resource Department with proof of purchase (receipt obtained from MOH)

Step 7: After submitting the form to the officials of the ministry will give you an estimated time frame to come and check the status of your clearance.


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