Election 2020: How to check your name in the final register and what to do on the election day

The Electoral commission of Ghana has released the final voters register for the 2020 General elections slated for Monday 7th, 2020.

The commission Made this information available after taking off all duplicate information/voters or dual registrants available in their database.

It is advisable to check your name to be sure your name has not been taken off before 7th December.

use the link below to verify your name.


Or click here.

Also On Monday, when you get to the polling station and the ballot paper is handed over to you, please flip it over and make sure the back has been endorsed with stamp by the EC officials. If there is no stamp at the back, please return it and ask for an endorsed copy. That stamp is called the VALIDATION stamp, without the stamp your ballot will be declared invalid and therefore will not be counted.

Folding of the ballot paper can also render your vote invalid, it is advisable to fold the ballot paper vertically to prevent the spread of the ink to another candidate on the ballot paper which may be regarded as invalid vote.

You must leave the polling station as soon as you cast your vote and come back after 5pm for counting and result declaration, do not carry any weapon along to the polling station.

Finally, According to the EC, if your Voters ID card is missing you can still proceed to your polling station to cast your vote.

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