Kenyan Grammarian, Joshua Njenga, Scores Nana Addo’s Statement On Jerry John Rawlings’ Death 5/10 After Correcting The Grammatical Errors

It would interest you to know that what one may think he has done very when it comes to a second language is what others will see lope-holes.

This is so because as far as we have more people in the world, there are more opinions. The narrative above stems from the fact that a scholar has seen unpalatable phrases in the statement President Akufo Addo gave yesterday following the death of the former president JJ Rawlings.

Well, a Kenyan teacher Mwalimu Joshua Njenga has dedicated his time to mark the grammatical mistakes of President Nana Addo’s press release on the death of JJ Rawlings yesterday.

In a tweet, he wrote: “Dear President Nana Akufo-Addo (@NAkufoAddo ) My students and I condole with Ghana. We have, therefore, used your statement, on the death of Jerry Rawlings, for today’s marking project. Here is how it looks after surgery. Have a great day.”


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