Step by Step guidelines to Print and Submit National Service Appointment Letters 2020/2021

The Ministry of Health has asked the National service scheme to reconsider its directive to suspend the posting of prospective Health service personnel for the 2020/21 service year. In a letter sighted by PLUS233, The ministry has asked all current service personnel to report back to work stating that the earlier directive by the National service secretariat, granting all service personnel a mandatory leave does not include health service personnel.

In response, Appointment Letters for 2020/2021 has been released by the scheme for Nurses and midwives in line with the President’s directives as a measure to help ease the pressure on health workers across the country who are working tirelessly to contain the current health crisis.

Successfully posted Personnel should follow the below procedures to obtain their Appointment letter.

How to Print National Service Appointment Letter

Importantly, the printing of appointment letters begins on 27th March 2020. Thereafter, follow the lead below to download and print your NSS appointment letter.

  1. Goto NSS Posting Portal via

2. Next, click sign-in to as personnel (click here) Enter your email or user-id used during registration in the space provided and click the Login button.

3. When your Posting details appear on your screen, scroll down and click here to Print Posting Letter,

4. Your Posting Letter Page will Popup, then Click Show Appointment Letter below your details

5. Finally, Download and Print your NSS Appointment Letter.

  • Now take the appointment letter which has the User Agency form attached to it to the organization you’ve been posted to (user agency) for the letter to be signed by either the Head of the organization, Head of Department, the HR Director or the Nurse Manager (depending on the organization) with the company’s official stamp.
    Please go early. You’re not the only one who’s been posted and you may be bounced. Remember to follow standard precautions to prevent Covid 19.

6. Now that your letter has been endorsed, go back to the NSS site, log in, look on the dashboard and click Book Appointment.

7. You’d be asked to schedule an appointment by selecting the date and time suitable for you, for your Regional Registration.

Note: if you don’t book online, you won’t be attended to at the regional zonal registration centers.

8. Now go to the regional zonal center which is the NSS office in the region you were posted to, on the date and time you specified, for you to be registered into their system. Make sure you take your endorsed form, a valid national ID, passport picture, school ID.

4. After your registration, you’d be given a Regional Acceptance Number (RAN). Go back onto the NSS website, print your appointment letter again (this time it will have your RAN). Simply print 3 copies and send one to the NSS District office, one to the place you were posted to and keep the last one.


Note: If you’re rejected by the company you were posted to, just take a release letter from them and go to the NSS office to be reposted. If you still haven’t been posted at all, head over to the NSS office too or Follow the steps in the image below.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the National Service Scheme (NSS) by visiting the official website via or email them via [email protected].gh. +233-302-772714, +233-302-769194,+233-302-769074, 0554404422, 0554400078, 0554400069


Have a question on the coronavirus outbreak? Connect directly with the World Health Organization (WHO) via WhatsApp or Save the following numbers (+41 22 501 76 55) and send “hi” more updates on coronavirus.


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