How to Reedem Vodafone Eekoso Red Loyalty Points into Cash and withdraw for free

The “Ekoso Promotion” is a coin-based consumer promotion that will enable customers to earn red coins when they recharge airtime with a scratch card and via an electronic recharge or buy data via Vodafone cash.

These coins could be redeemed for rewards, such as minutes for voice calls, data, or cash.

Before we begin with the redeeming process kindly take some time to read some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Eekoso Red Loyalty promo – FAQs

1. How do I sign up for Eekoso promo ( Red Loyalty)?

Ans: Simply stay active on Vodafone, top up and purchase bundles via Vodafone cash to earn Red coins to redeem for awesome rewards.


2. Which channels of recharge used earn Red coins?

Ans:  Red coins are earned from all recharge channels i.e. Scratch card, Vodafone Cash, Credit transfer, Top up via third party platforms (eg Banking Apps, Xpress pay).


3. Are Red coins earned when I borrow SOS?

Ans: NO. SOS does not earn Red coins.


4. Will I earn Red coins if someone send me airtime via Vodafone cash?

Ans: Yes, you will earn Red coins.


5. How much Red coins will I earn if I top up with GHs 2?

Ans: Every 10p earns you 1 coin hence GHs 2 will earn you 20 Red coins.

Recharge Paper Electronic
GHC 1 10 10
GHC 2 20 20
GHC 5 50 50
GHC 10 100 100
GHC 20 200 200
GHC 50 500 500


6. Which bundles do I need to purchase to earn Red coins?

Ans: You earn Red coins from data and voice bundle purchases via Vodafone cash.


7. How much Red coins do I earn if I buy a GHs 5 data bundle via Vodafone Cash?

Ans: Every 10p usage earns you 1 coin hence GHs 5 will earn you 50 Red coins.

Usage Red Coins to be accrued
GHC 1 10
GHC 2 20
GHC 5 50
GHC 10 100
GHC 20 200
GHC 50 500


8. Do I receive the Red coins immediately I recharge or buy a bundle?

Ans:   Red coins will be received within 24hrs.


9. How do I check my Red coins?

Ans: Dial *533# or Visit My Vodafone App to check and redeem Red coins.


10.What is the difference between Red loyalty bucket and Eekoso bucket?

Ans: Red Loyalty bucket comprises coins built from 1st October to 23rd November 2021.

Eekoso bucket comprise coins built from the launch of Eekoso till promo ends (24th November 2021 to 28th February 2022).


11. What can I redeem with my Red coins on Eekoso promo?

Ans:  Red coins can be redeemed for minutes to call all networks, data and cash rewards (GHS 2,000,000 worth of prizes to be won). Red coins will be deducted from Eekoso coins.

Points Accumulated Crossnet Mins as Reward MB as Reward
400 8 100
1,000 18 250
1,400 25 330
2,000 35 450
3,000 53 700
4,000 70 950


Cash Rewards

 Red coins Accumulated Cash (GHs) as Reward
                           500 2
                           1,200 5
                        2,000 10
                        4,000 20
                        10,000 50
                     20,000 100

 12. How often can I redeem any of the rewards?

Ans: You can redeem minutes and data as many times as possible so long as you have sufficient Red coins in your Eekoso bucket. However, you can redeem any cash amount only once a day.

13. What is the validity on the Red coins earned?

Ans: Red coins earned during eekoso promo will be valid for the promo period only.Red coins earned in red loyalty bucket are valid for 12months. However, all accrued Red coins will be lost in an event the customer account has been inactive for 90days. I.e. Customer does not make a call, receive a call, use data or SMS for 90 days.


14. What is the validity on the voice minutes or data redeemed?

Ans: Voice and data rewards are valid for 7days.


15. Can I withdraw the cash reward redeemed?

Ans: Yes, but withdrawal charges apply.


16. I am not registered on Vodafone cash. Can I redeem my Red coins for cash?

Ans: No. You’ll need to be registered on Vodafone cash to redeem cash. Dial *558# to register for Vodafone cash


Dial *533# and wait for the prompt and select 1 to check your red coins

Press 0 to go back to the home menu

Select 2 to redeem your point accrued over the period in cash, data or voice call in minutes

Choose 3 and proceed

A list of acrued points will be displayed with amount in cedis

select the applicable amount that tallies with your point in step and proceed.


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