Good News: You can now apply for Ghana Card online-follow link here

Ghana’s National Identification Authority has shared a way you can reduce the workload at the registrations centres applying for the Ghana Card. Part of the application process for getting the Ghana Card can now be done via an online portal.

This came after people complained about the tedious and old fashioned the mass registration was. The registration centres could register less than 100 persons per day and was extremely slow.

Right now, the NIA has provided a way to reduce the discomfort from joining long queues for long hours before you can get to enter your details into the system.

From the comfort of your home, you can now do the entering of details by yourself to apply for the Ghana Card. You need to head over to register here and get half of the work done.

Note that this exercise hasn’t replaced the mass registration at the registration centres. That one is still on-going in parts of the Greater Accra region.

How to Apply for a Ghana Card Online

Things needed for the Ghana Card online application
Before you start to apply for the Ghana Card, make sure you have the required documents. These documents include:

Digital Address Code
One generally accepted Ghanaian ID Cards (Proof of Nationality):
Voter ID
Drivers’ Licence
Birth Certificate

If you have the above documents ready, you can then head over to
register here

Steps in applying for Ghana Card via the online platform
Go to the Ghana Card online registration platform:
Apply here

Create an account and verify your phone number. A verification message with a secret code will be sent to the phone number you gave.
Enter the code and continue the application process.
You’ll then be taken to the dashboard.
From the dashboard, click on “Start New Application”. This will open a page for you to start.
Here, you fill out your full name in the boxes provided.

The next page is where you fill in your eye colour, height, and other bodily features. Skip if you are not sure of them, the NIA will assist you with that when you go there for the other part of the application process.

After filling all the pages, the next thing to do is to declare all the information you entered were true, and you understand what you’re doing. You just hit “Yes” if you are sure of it all.
Now, you are almost done with the online part.

Next, you’ll be given the option to download a copy of all you’ve entered so you can print later. The option to download the forms will be sent to you via the email you provided.

The email will take you to your Ghana Card dashboard where you’ll click the “Download Application Form” button to download it.
After that, you print the form and take it to any National Identification Authority registration centre to apply for your Ghana Card.
Note: Go along with all necessary documents so you don’t get stranded and frustrated at the registration centre.

Note: The Ghana Card is free of charge.

Period of time to receive the Ghana Card
You should be able to receive your Ghana Card instantly, once you have done all the necessary requirements.
However, In cases of unavailability of electricity and internet connection, you may be asked to come another day.

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