Important Places You Should Know On Central University Campus

Welcome to Central University a place where dreams are born.

As a fresher life would be so difficult and stressful for if you don’t know all these corners on campus.

The administration block is a must know block. Failure to know isn’t an excuse at all. Funny enough this is where your life of campus lays, not knowing this place is at your own risk. You will locate the administration office, the academics office, finance office and the school clinic.

The blocks this is where you find the various lecture halls where lectures take place, on this blocks you will find the various departments, the Senate room, the school of pharmacy, the communications studio, the laboratory, the FASS Library and the ATMs.


In as much as everyone is assigned to a particular hall, we all have one hall in common which is the Trinity Hall, a place where all school-related programs are held and also church services take place.

The school cafeteria, everyone likes the sound of food but on this building, you will find a variety of offices aside from the eatery and various food stands. You will locate the school bank on in the building, the student services, the law library, the science library, the chaplaincy, dean of students, SRC office, and the study room.

There are three known and approved campus hostels where mostly almost everyone passes through during the first year on campus, starting from your right ICGC old girls hostel, Pronto hostel and the ICGC boys hostel.


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