Know your bank charges approved by Bank of Ghana

The term bank fees refers to any charges imposed by financial institutions on their personal and business customers for account set-up, maintenance, and minor transactional services. These fees may be charged on a one-time or ongoing basis. Examples of bank fees range from account maintenance charges, withdrawal and transfer fees, automated teller machine (ATM) fees, late payment charges, and others.

Banks charge fees for the services they provide their personal and commercial clients—and they seemingly lurk everywhere. For instance, banks charge customers fees just to have certain deposit accounts open. In other cases, they may charge service fees to conduct transactions or as penalties for things like bouncing checks. Certain fees apply to all customers across the board, while others may be waived under certain conditions. Customers who have long-standing relationships and multiple assets and liabilities with a bank may qualify for a fee waiver.

You can bear with me that knowing the cost of transactions performed in banks is of great importance to every customer, That is the reason why the bank of Ghana makes available all fees charged by all banks operating in Ghana.

Here are lists of Cost of transactions and other services by all banks in Ghana approved by The Central Bank.

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