Nanatel Bridge near Ho Main market flooded after heavy rainfall [video]

Two gentlemen and two ladies on board an Ash Toyota Corolla salon car with registration number GM 4688-14 from Hohoe to Ho were on Thursday afternoon rescued by some eye witnesses when their vehicle fell off a bridge a few meters away from the Ho lorry station.

This incident occurred following a heavy rainfall yesterday 28th May, 2020 which flooded Nanatel bridge opposite the new Sokode station. The affected areas include Market Nanatel Bridge Housing bridge, Trafalgar polyclinic bridge and Ho poly bridge.

Eye witnesses say the driver ignored all dangers of the running water on the bridge during Thursday downpour and attempted driving through.

The driver escorted into an Ambulance
The four were later taken away by the National Ambulance for treatment.

Ho Municipal Chief Executive, Prosper Pi- Bansah was at the scene.

watch the video below 

Interaction with the driver of the car

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