Police Officer pulls gun on former Presidential Staffer

A former head of Communications and Spokesperson at the Office of the President under the Mahama administration, Ben Dotsei Malor has narrated a harrowing ordeal he was put through by “a power-drunk” Police Officer on Sunday.

He observed that the said officer, without any provocation whatsoever, brandished a gun, threatening to shoot him if he dared move a muscle.

According to him, the experience has left him gravely traumatized, noting that it is not an experience anybody should ever be subjected to.

Giving a detailed account of the incidence on his Facebook timeline, Mr. Dotsei Malor said he had joined the Atomic Roundabout from Legon on his way to see Prof Dumor for some copies of a book on the late BBC broadcast journalist, Komla Dumor, to send to the Keta Senior High School.

He said the police officer, riding on a motorbike appeared from nowhere and began yelling and accusing him of using his phone while driving.

According to the former BBC journalist, an attempt to park his car appropriately to make way for others behind him made the scene even more chaotic.

“No injuries. No damage. He got off, came to my window, aggressively yanked the door open, screaming, huffing, puffing, and totally threatening. You can imagine the traffic.

“When I tried to move my car and park forward so as not to block the entire roundabout, he claimed I was about to abscond and so pulled out a gun from his holster and cocked it. Frightening but somehow I stayed at my wheel,” he said.

He added that it took the intervention of a young person who had been observing the drama unfold from a taxi to calm him down and volunteer to be a witness.

“I asked him to come into my passenger side. We followed the aggrieved bike rider (who claimed to be with Counter-Terrorism Unit) to Legon Police station. He was aggressive, yelling, and intimidating.

“When the witness who got in the car with me told the truth of the story at the police station, this agitated policeman turned on him and held the waist of his clothes, pushing to beat him, but the gentleman stayed calm.

“He was almost beaten – for stating the truth … in the presence of the policewoman on duty. I felt so sad and sorry for this Good Samaritan. IS THIS WHAT MY DEAR NATION HAS TURNED INTO?” he asked.

Mr Dotsei indicated he was only set free upon the arrival of his “brother”, a big law lecturer from Legon who happened to be revered by everybody around.

“At which point the errant gun-totting crazy man came begging, with a promise that it won’t happen again. One policeman asked me to accept the aggressor’s handshake and forgive him.

“I told the police I can forgive, as a Christian, but what has just happened to me should not happen to any of my Ghanaian sisters, brothers, or children. It was just plain wrong. The man behaved as if he was possessed or high on something – even power.

“Still feeling un-nerved by it all,” he intimated.


Kweku Jasper
Kweku Jasper
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