You’re the dealer; and
your music is a soul healer.
You’re the brewery and the brewer put together.
Keep serving us with good vibes.

1Gad, a replica of Marley’s’
Your music so smooth yet hard like Baileys.
The generational preacher;
everyday teacher.
An all-round educator and entertainer.

You rose above all odds.
You’re evenly simple,
No shrugs, no thugs.

The Top Skanka !
You dare not counter
Tastier than Fanta

The Dance-hall Warrior
Rider of Ghanaian music chariot.
The Sapashini, forever healthy.

Sexy Louisa’s husband
Jidula’s Father
Janam’s Dada
Bhim Nations President,
Volta and #Anloga junction resident.

The tuff seed
Growing healthily,
from this heat; and
reaching this feat.

Your lyrics, deep and insightful.
It revives the dying soul.
Your positive demeanor,
a body of work to uphold.

Many conspired against you,
you sailed through
A lot transpired within your territory, you pulled through; and put the storms back to calm.

Your mentality about Africa,
Your uniqueness of ideas
Oh what a Hero you are.

You have been hailed
in the east, west
south and north,
where else is left?
Not at all.

I wish to add more, yet
words are not enough.
But in all, keep standing tall.
You are a beacon of light and hope,
Not only to Ghana and Africa,
But to the world at large.
Shine on

written by: Koffi Sël Orm( Poetic koncept)


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