List of Health facilities in Ghana

Hospitals in Ghana are either categorized by ownership into Quasi, Private, Missions, as well as State-owned hospitals (Government Hospitals). The state-owned facilities are managed by Ghana Health Service whiles the Quasi is partially supported by the government but managed privately by the Ghana Association of Quasi-Government Health Institutions (GAQHI). The mission Hospitals are also managed by (CHAG) Christian Health Association of Ghana.

Here is a  list of health care facilities you may find in your region.


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Click here to get the list of only Hospitals in Ghana

You can check details of the various health facilities via Ghana Hospitals

You can leave a comment below if you wish to know the district and ownership of a health facility listed above, you can as well help update the list by leaving the name of any omitted health facilities with their regions in the comment box. Thank you.


Ghana Hospitals

(CHAG) Christian Health Association of Ghana.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc

Ghana Association of Quasi-Government Health Institutions (GAQHI)


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