Men Who Escaped From Coronavirus Quarantine Center Caught Drinking At Bar

A report chanced upon by pints out that suggests two young guys who fled a Coronavirus quarantine center in Kenya have been busted.

They were found at a bar drinking heavily despite social distancing regulations. Per the report, dozens of people were filmed jumping over a wall of the facility in the capital, Nairobi, drawing public condemnation.

They indicated that they had planned the escape because they were not getting tested for the virus.

A video of the detainees scaling the wall was shared by Kenya’s biggest newspaper with a local police boss, Muthuri Mwongera telling the BBC that he was waiting for the director of public prosecution’s office to charge the two suspects who had been arrested at a bar in the Roysambu area, north of the city.

“A majority of those who escaped had been arrested around this area before being taken to quarantine and so we know we will arrest more with time,” Mr Mwongera said.

Source: BBC

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