Step by Step guide to copy whatsApp group contacts.

Are you a member of a WhatsApp group? Is this a business group or study group? Indeed, does not make a difference at all. If you want to keep the record of all WhatsApp users on that group by their name, it is possible.

This question is clicking in the mind of many users that how they can make a copy of all the contacts which are added in the WhatsApp group to maintain the records for the purposes of reaching them through Bulk SMS/Voice services.

Creating backup is also an asset for business purposes because they can interact with all the users one at a go. Some of you had a myth in mind that there is no such procedure to do this task with such ease.

If you have access to the group as a member, you can export all the contacts to excel or store them online. To do this, you may utilize extensions on your browser or specifically from the developer mode on WhatsApp Web as we as using mobile apps for Android and iOS/iPhone

Kweku Jasper Media one of Ghana’s Bulk SMS service providers has made enough research on how individuals and cooperate bodies can extract contacts from their various WhatsApp groups and get them imported in their bulk SMS system.

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Step By Step Guidelines to extract WhatsApp group contacts

There are 2 best methods to extract  contacts from a WhatsApp group

  1. use of WhatsApp Web
  2. Use of a third-party app such as browser plugins and mobile apps

In this tutorial, we are going to focus on the first method, thus the use WhatsApp web.

Step 1: Open Your WhatsApp in your Computer Browser via WhatsApp web And scan

Step 2: On the Left column, you will get all the current chats, just go to any Group whose contacts you want to extract, mine is “Tymlex X BaYe’s Class


Step 3: On the Right column, WhatsApp group will get opened. Just below of WhatsApp Group Name, you can see some contacts. Right-click here and choose “Inspect“.

Step 4: The browser developer tool window will get opened. In the ‘Inspect‘ tab, it will highlight the area consisting of “all contacts“. Just right-click on this area –> Select Copy –> Copy outer HTML.

Step 5: Now open any web HTML editor such as Notepad.

Create a new file & paste all the data and save this file with ‘.html’ extension at your computer desktop or anywhere you want.

After pasting save and save file in HTML format

Step 6: Open this saved file in your computer browser. Here is how it will look like


You can see all the contact numbers but not easy to save it.

Reopen the file with notepad, change “,” to <br> [ comma to brake line] and save it. Just refresh your browser and all the numbers will appear in one column.

Now you can easily maintain in Excel File. In this fashion, you can extract or download all contacts of any WhatsApp Group.

2. Google Chrome Extension: ‘Download WhatsApp Group Phone Number’

Download WhatsApp Group Phone Number‘ app allows you to download all contacts in one go. This little Chrome extension makes our work easier. Let’s see how to use it:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp in your Computer Browser. Add ‘Download WhatsApp Group Phone Number‘ extension in your Chrome Browser. One icon will get appear on the extreme right of the address bar.

Step 2: Now, click on this icon, it will open Whatsapp in a new Tab. Now again go to the Group whose contacts you want to download.

Download All WhatsApp Group Contact

Step 3: Click on the 3 vertical dot – ‘Menu’ icon –> click on ‘Download Info’. YES, this option is added by this little Chrome extension. It will download details of all Group Members such as ‘Contact Public Display Name’ and ‘Phone Number‘.

WhatsApp Group Contacts Exporter (WAXP) also available in the chrome stores

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