The LoveTherapy: FOCUS ON GOD PT 1

hose who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame” Psalm 34:5

We are still on the parameters of the establishment; values that consolidate our faith in Christ Jesus. Distraction is the mother of destruction. Nothing wastes energy like a distraction. Nothing propels energy like focus. The first law of success is to know who or what to ignore.

You will only succeed to the level you want if you are able to confine all your powers into one particular channel. Whatever you focus on grows. Your destiny is a product of what commands your attention. Whatever you focus your energy on will grow. If there is a focus, there is a future.

You cannot become great by scattering yourself in different directions. Stop chasing two rats, both will escape. Focus is the mother of speed. Running after everything makes you catch nothing. Focus gives you strength and momentum. Distractions are “side attractions” seeking your attention so that you will never become an attraction.



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