BGM Rankz has finally released the most anticipated  Survey Report of Ghana’s Fashion weekends that are creating the most captivating and influential fashion moments in Ghana through creativity.

The Fashion Industry in Ghana is generally more desirable than ever since people are now understanding the need to patronize. People are investing in the industry and many opportunities are opening and chances for the young, educated and enthusiasts of fashion are also expanding.

Fashion weekends are classed as a fusion of all fashion activities like fashion shows, seminars, workshops, etc. And should be promoted and enhanced together by all individuals in the fashion industry but most importantly, the various event-holders. You have witnessed or heard of several fashion weekends in Ghana but which would you consider the best amongst the rest? Which of them turns you on?

Through questionnaires, a shortlist of the most outstanding fashion weekends in Ghana was assessed, after which a 3 days open survey was runned by individuals in the fashion industry. Producing a Fair chart Ranking of total responses, from each voting categories which were;

  1. Top fashion weekend in Ghana in terms of branding and consistency,
  2. Top Fashion weekend in Ghana in terms of Payment,
  3. Fashion weekend in Ghana Most likely to be recommended to a Foreigner and
  4. Fashion weekend in Ghana considered the best.


See Charts and percentages of the Responses:



Glitz Africa Fashion became the best fashion week in Ghana, most likely to be recommended to a foreigner in Ghana with votes of 23.5% followed by Mercedes Benz Global Fashion Week(17.9%) , Accra Fashion Week(17.5%) and Bryt Africa Fashion Week(17.2%) respectively.

Accra Fashion Week became the best fashion week in Ghana in terms of branding and consistency with votes of 34.9% followed by Glitz Africa Fashion Week(23.7%) , Bryt Africa Fashion Week(17.8%), Mercedes Benz Global Fashion Week(14.8%) respectively.

Fashion Connect Africa became the Best Paying Fashion Weekend in Ghana with votes of 24.4% followed by Glitz Africa Fashion Week(20.2%) , Accra Fashion Week(19.1%), Bryt Africa Fashion Week(18.4%) respectively.

In all Glitz Africa Fashion Week won the overall Top Fashion weekend in Ghana followed by Accra Fashion Week, Fashion Connect Africa, and Bryt Africa Fashion Week with a ratio of 0.31:0.30:0.28:0.25  respectively

According to the survey, most responses  was from models followed by fashion designers.

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