Alleged separatist group attacks S. T. C one bus burnt

Details emerging from last Friday’s invasion of parts of the Volta Region indicate that Ghana is now dealing with three secessionist groups.

Per reports, the initial group has now been split into three though they all have the same objective of seceding from Ghana.

Ghanaians have become concerned about the composition of the secessionists after the orchestrators of Friday’s attack mounted flags with a different design from previous ones.

The existing flag, which according to reports represents the wing being led by Papavi is made up of red, blue, white and green colours with the symbol of a handshake at the centre.

The new flag which was hoisted by the perpetrators of Friday’s violence, has red, white and green as it colours with a cat seated on a stool at the centre.


According to the Volta Minister, the group is Planning to attack government Installations in the Volta regions.

Some persons suspected to be members of a secessionist group have attacked a State Transport Company bus in the Volta Regional Capital, Ho, and burnt one of its buses.

According to a Tv3 and Citi News report, the incident which occurred at midnight on Monday, September 28, involved the members of the group firing gunshots before proceeding to beat up the drivers.

Currently there’s a heavy security presence and all are advised to take care when accessing government installations since those are their targets.

More coming soon…….

Kweku Jasper
Kweku Jasper
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