11th EPUC SRC week celebration and the new lords

Though new, the current crop of level 100 students was a delight to watch. With participation in all the activities lined up, they began with a thundering performance during the inter-level; what do you know, spelling and wordplay segment. They topped from the first to the final round which eventually saw them winning the contest.
The borborbor night wasn’t left out at all. The occasion was graced with the whole student body and onlookers.
The enthusiasm backed by the morale of the student was alluring.
Along the line, the SRC president had no option other than to join the spirit-filled borborbor crew to the extent of even leading with some songs.

Next in line was the sporting activity, precisely football which happened the next day. The level 100’s ( the new lords) faced the level 300 team. Within the span of two halves, level 100 beat their seniors with a lone goal to advance to the next stage.
Unfortunately, the level 200 were not present to face out with the final years so they were disqualified straight away.

That, paved way for the newbies to face their outgoing seniors.
The seniors came with a more tactical, physique and an experienced team. While the younglings on the other hand, had more unity and compatibility amongst them. The match ended in a draw which saw the two teams ending up in a penalty shoot-out. A couple of penalties were missed by both teams but after the drought, the level 100s ended up winning the ultimate by beating their seniors.
They had the admiration of both the seniors and the school’s coach. The newbies were equally handed the major trophy for being the winners of the tournament.
The event was crowned with jams and performance night, the newcomers were once again represented.
Like anyone would say, they had a plan prepared and they persevered.
In the long run, it ended successfully, as it was a first-hand experience in the tertiary institution for the newcomers.
Overall, we would urge the organizers to be a little time conscious with us since this particular one was impromptu and we had little time to prepare.
#Longlive EPUC
#Longlive SRC

Koffi Selorm Komla,
EPUC, level 100
Governance Studies.

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