How To Apply For 2020 Ministry Of Health Recruitment For Nurses

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The Ministry of Health has announced the date for the recruitment of 2017 private and public trained Nurses and midwives.

According to a letter cited by Plus233 News team reveals that recruitment will commence on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 10:00am and ends Friday, May 15, 2020 at 6pm.

The letter further stated that eligible applicants should apply through the ministry’s online application portal via

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Interested applicants should proceed with the following steps to get enrolled successfully.

Application Requirements.

It is advisable to get a scanned copy of the following documents:

  • School certificate (K.N.U.S.T Certificate For Diploma Nurses or University certificate)
  • Birth certificate
  • NMC result slip
  • NMC certificate
  • passport-sized photo (Nursing format)
  • Pin (Front and Back) and any other necessary documents.


  • click check clearance

  • Enter your Pin/index Number/license no and hit the submit button and wait for feedback.

If the system confirms that you have financial clearance for particular recruitment round, you will be redirected to create an account in order to log in and complete the application.


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  • Enter your index number
  • Email address (active one, if there’s none, create a new one via Gmail, Hotmail or yahoo.
  • Password
  • Re-enter the password to confirm

NOTE: Ensure all information are accurately entered 

Congratulations you have successfully created your account, proceed with the final part of the application by logging into the account and fill the forms and upload the necessary documents.
 You will receive feedback from the Ministry of Health after a successful application.

For more information and inquiries contact the MOH directly via

or reach them via mobile through  0546471389 / 0546471364 / 0546471374 or


Comment your problems below so we can solve it together

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Kweku Jasper
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  1. This is great news and but bad news as well for the 2017 NAP/NAC group of Nurses. This group sat in the house right after completing school without doing National service, their colleagues on the other hand who just got their clearance did their service, got their allowances and just when they finished they are getting posted while the NAC/NAP group’s fate is yet to be determined by people they Trusted so much . This so so unfair, please for goodness sake save them from this frustration by giving them clearance too. I’m close to some of them and I know how much they are suffering. Thank you

    • Hi Vero, we understand your plight but we are not the institution responsible for giving clearance to health workers. plus233 is an online information portal and hence does not have such powers to do so, kindly refer such grievances to the ministry of health or call their numbers as stated in the article, thank you.
      Once again we are sorry.

  2. Hello please i greet you, please i am nonclinical stuff working in one of Ghana government hospital as a casual worker from 2018 up to date, i will know how to be come permanent stuff and is there any MOH site i can send my application from. please i need your help my mail is : .


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