Errand Genie – Moving Logistics, running errands and delivery made easy

Every year, several students struggle to move their belongings to and from campus, either as freshmen or graduates. Moving logistics around the country is stressful and expensive. Many students lose their belongings in the process or fall into the hands of unscrupulous drivers who dupe them.

Rasha Gibrill, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Errand Genie, suffered the same ordeal. Her bitter experience in transporting her belongings from Ho to Accra after completing her undergraduate degree and mandatory national service challenged her to team up with Mr Mawuli Denteh, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mawuli worked with a logistics company but unfortunately lost his job during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image Source: HO Node Hub – (Left) – Rasha Gibrill, co-founder and Chief Technical Officer and Mr Mawuli Denteh, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer – (Right)

The two met at the Ghana Tech Lab’s Mastercard funded web development training implemented by the Node Hub Foundation. Determined to tackle the logistics nightmare of students and professionals, the two entrepreneurs birthed Errand Genie, pitched at the maiden Ho Startup Summit and were adjudged the first runner ups. As one of the startups with an innovative business idea, they earned their place to be part of the Node incubator program.

Just like the genie from the famous Aladdin animation, Errand Genie is here to bring convenience to professionals and busy Ghanaians. Errand Genie is an online platform that allows users to book a genie who runs their personal and professional errands for them at a fee. The genies are booked based on their availability and proximity to the client. Operating on the Uber model, interested person who wishes to be recruited must first sign up as genies. Genies are authenticated via a thorough background check to ensure clients deal with trusted genies. The Errand Genie platform enables clients to state in detail how they want an errand executed.

The platform also connects drivers and clients to help move logistics from one part of the country to the other. Errand Genie is into sales, production and procurement logistics that allows them to move products from the producer to the consumer as well as raw materials in and around the Ho Municipality. Clients can equally book the services of a genie to deliver or pick up an order from the convenience of their homes or workplace. Errand genie is currently available in the Ho-Volta Region on campuses, offices and is partnering with hospitality service providers such as hotels and restaurants to help increase their reach. Mawuli and Rasha are looking to expand their operations to other parts of the country such as Accra and Kumasi.

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