Video: Striking nurses and midwives to resume work tomorrow

All Nurses and midwives, Physician Assistants and Certified Registered Anesthetist groups which embarked on strike from Monday 21st September, 2020 have resolved to end their strike and resume work tomorrow.


The Ghana Nurses and midwives association including Physician assistants and Certified Registered Anesthetists and it’s affiliate labour Unions embarked on a nationwide strike over what they described as unfair treatment by their employer MOH/GOV.

The association noted among other things that their appeal to the government to better their conditions of service through many dialogues proved futile though some of their conditions were taken into consideration. They further explained that among many of their proposals, government agreed to do implement some which are actually not in the interest of the majority.

GRNMA further explained that the Fair Wages and salary commission, National labour commission through a letter which circulated in the public domain was misleading since that was not the situation on the grounds.


The GRNMA has released press information explaining their side of the story and why the nationwide strike was the only option to achieve their aim.

Many sympathized with these nurses saying their call was in the right direction since the nurses did not go on strike during the COVID-19 crisis but rather relax until the latter.


The good news to the public is that the striking nurses and midwives are to return to their various stations tomorrow for continuity of care starting from 8:00 am morning shift whiles the leaders continue to dialogue on their behalf with the government who is their employer.

Watch the full video of the Press conference below:


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